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Dr. Monica Breaux is a speaker & Catholic therapist who offers counseling services and spiritual direction to individuals, couples, families & groups via phone, video-conferencing (Skype) or office appointments at OLMC. Payments of $30 per half hour are handled through PayPal using credit or debit cards.

YOU MUST CHOOSE YOUR TIME ZONE first! Then, please click on drop down button on right to select from retreat, program or sessions by phone, Skype or office. Select a date then a time. For help 602-228-2126 and leave a message or email

LADIES Lenten Prep Retreat at OLMC on Saturday Feb 25 from 8 am (Mass) to noon. FREE. PLEASE register by clicking on the date Feb 25 then clicking the time 8 am before completing name and number. For any questions, please call 602-228-2126.

WHOLLY MEN and WHOLLY WOMEN programs are being offered starting in MARCH. For payment arrangements of $30 weekly call 602-228-2126 or email

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